Friday, 11 August 2017

Week Thirty One Featured a Witch!

This week has been super busy so, better late than never, here are the highlights from last week:

My gorgeous niece Alice facetimed me while I was at work :)
I thought it was time for another before and after photo now that I'm at target :)
Alfie was very cuddly :)
We had a great night at the cinema seeing Spiderman.  Despite the look on their faces Sam and Emily enjoyed it too!
Although it's early August a rain coat is required when going walking!
Yummy dirty pudding :)
My boss took us out for a gorgeous Thai lunch. The food, which was cooked by my lovely sister in law, was amazing :)
We had some stunning sunsets!
Bingo enjoyed showing off his girlfriend, Monica, who's staying with him for a week :)
These two had lots of cuddles :)
I had two lovely wins at bingo :)
I met a lovely friend for breakfast, it was happy and sad because it's the first time we've got together since our friend Steph died.
Then I cut the grass and spent the afternoon in the garden with a coffee and a good book :)
Now it's nearly the weekend and I have some lovely plans.

I hope you've had a good week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Five Favourites From March

I'm really getting back in to the swing of five favourites again.
I love going back and seeing what happened each month
Remembering the fun times
The stories new and old
Laughing at the crazy things we did!
And more than anything looking through the photos really does inspire me to get scrapping!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx