Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Week Forty Two

Week forty two got off to a great start, here are the highlights:

After my epic walk on Sunday I had Monday off work and enjoyed a Harvester breakfast (yes I did count the SYNs)
After breakfast I had a lovely 60 length swim :)
In the evening I went to bingo and had a little win :)
Tuesday was gym induction day and it wasn't until we'd got changed that me and my sister Jemma realised we'd both picked the same top to wear :)
In the evening I had a great time at Zumba :)
I wore my new dress to work and really matched the colours of the seasons :)
I had a great 3 miles walk on Wednesday evening, I do worry about bumping in to clowns on my route though!
Thursday was our Christmas party at Slimming World :)
And I was so pleased to lose 2lbs but so disappointed that I missed out on getting my 5 and a half stone award by HALF A POUND!
I saw this little pickle and she showed me the instrument she made at school :)
I really enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I went down to Paul's for the weekend:
And the weather was amazing! I couldn't believe it was the middle of October and I was still walking about in a t shirt!
I started a new crochet project that I absolutely love :)
And before I knew it I was back home with my girl....
And of course my lovely boy :)
This week didn't get off to a great start because I had a cluster headache :( That means the week can only get better.....hopefully!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week
Jo xx

Monday, 10 October 2016

Week Forty One

Week forty one was a good one, here are the highlights:

The weather has been amazing so it's been lovely walking round the park in my lunch break :)
I did a 51 length swim after work and came out just as the sun had almost disappeared.
I saw this little pickle before work :)
My sister Jess went to get pic 'n' mix for the office and as she came back in the door I just knew she'd got me my favourite! She didn't want me to be left out but she didn't want to spoil my diet so she got me one piece of fudge and not only did I savour it I really appreciated what she'd done :)
I had a really great but hard session of Zumba :)
I managed to sneak in the last cut of grass for the year :)
While this cutie played with his ball :)
And then I went for a 4 mile walk!
I had a large delivery of wool, I still haven't had time to open the box yet!
Another weight loss, another step closer to my target :)
Dirty pudding was lush :)
I got in to work really early on Friday so had a little treat :)
Then I joined the gym, due to a computer problem their end it actually took me 9 hours to join!
Saturday was crop day where I managed to get 2 layouts done :)
Then I went to bingo with the girls, no winnings though :(
On Sunday I was up bright and early and on a train with Sarah for the Diabetes UK London Bridge Walk.
The Chelsea mascot saw us off on our epic journey :)
After 9 and a half miles and 12 bridges here I am just about to cross the final bridge!
To collect my medal :)
Maddie modelled the hat I was given :)
And then I had a very long soak in a lovely bubble bath :)
Before snuggling on the sofa with this nutty boy!
And finally getting the foundation row on my ripple blanket right!
This week has already had a great start because I've had the day off work!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

Monday, 3 October 2016

Week Forty

I'm sure that seven days didn't pass this quickly when I was younger but, here we are, another week over!  This is what happened in week forty:

I enjoyed my favourite coffee in my favourite cup after swimming 51 lengths :)
I was delighted that Alfie seemed to enjoy my favourite film, Jaws, as much as I do.  However, just after the scene where the dog didn't come out of the water Alfie decided to retire to his bed :)
Although I felt ill I still went to Zumba and I'm glad I did. We had a different teacher and she worked us even harder!
I had the day off work on Wednesday so started off with a walk in the park in the sunshine!
Then a group of us headed up to London.
To see Wicked :) It was the tenth anniversary and our favourite Elphaba, Rachel Tucker, was appearing.
We haven't seen the show since 2006 and we both thought it was still amazing.
After getting back from London I managed to squeeze in a 3.5 mile walk!
And all of the hard work paid off again when I lost 3.5lbs and was Slimmer of the Month :)
Of course I still enjoyed dirty pudding :)
On Friday I packed up the car and went down to see Pippy and Paul :)
We had some lovely evening walks
And a really amazing walk along the beach on Sunday morning!
We supported everyone taking part in the Bournemouth marathon
And before I knew it is was time to say goodbye to the beach and head home
Where I had to nurse a very poorly Maddie :(
This week is going to be a lot quieter. On Sunday I will be heading in to London again but this time to take part in the London Bridge Walk to raise money for Diabetes UK, if you would like to make a donation then please visit my fund raising page here.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx