Sunday 17 September 2017

Week Thirty Six Was Exciting!

Week thirty six was a good one, here are the highlights:

I had Monday off work so stayed in Bournemouth for the day where I had the biggest scone I have ever seen!
I had a little win at bingo :)
I made a comparison!
Still having fun at Zumba :)
We had a quiz night and didn't do too badly!
I stuffed my face at the airshow and gained 1.5lbs, I'm still within my target range so enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I went out for dinner on Friday!
On Saturday I watched Jack play football and Alice play on the slide :)
And the spent the day at the crop :)
On Sunday I went to the Hilton Dartford for the regional finals of the Woman of the Year competition.  I didn't get through to the next round but I was 1 of 50 out of 250,000 who got to this stage so I was happy with that.  It really was a great day with so many amazing, emotional and inspiring stories.
Alfie was so excited to watch some of the sheepdog trials on Countryfile :)
So now I'm all caught up with what's been going on a Buckingham's Palace during the summer.  I'm really looking forward to autumn and the stories it will bring.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx

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Becky said...

Well done for getting as far as you did in the Woman of the Year. That food all looks very tasty!