Thursday 3 December 2009

Freezing Thursday!

I was one of the very few who ventured into the cold, wet park with Alfie today, I felt better for it even though we looked like we'd been over some sort of assault course!

I spent the rest of the wet, dark day snuggled indoors watching all 3 Santa Clause films topped off with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!  My time was not wasted though because I did Day One of JYC:

I also managed to do Day Two and it was great to be able to included some pictures I'd taken over the park the day before:

Today's 12 Days of Christmas assignment was to take close up photos, to really crop the image before taking the picture.  I had a great model, he hardly moved and didn't need refreshment breaks!

Tomorrow I'm going to, hopefully, get up to date with JYC.  I'm looking forward to the 12 Days of Christmas assignment and I've told Maddie that, as she's got an inset day at school tomorrow, she can be my model for the day!

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