Sunday 24 October 2010

Sunny, Lazy Sunday

I was up with the lark this morning so that I could ring the bells at church and I finally think I'm getting the hang of it.  I'm not scared that I'll miss the Sally or break the Stay anymore, just need to work out call changes.......all a foreign language if you don't ring bells!

I finished the socks at last yesterday but forgot to take a picture, I will though.

Today I've actually been scrapping.  I love Crate Restoration papers so it was no hardship at all when both of the kits I subscribe to used it this month.  I got stuck right into the one from Gottacraft, I know it's naughty to start on a new kit when I have so many older one stacking up but what the heck, I love this range :)

Maddie and her godmother Clare being stupid with a tomato shaped bottle of ketchup when we went out to dinner recently!

It was a great evening at a lovely restaurant we've been going to for many, many years, the butterscotch tart and custard they do is to die for!

I can't decide what to do this afternoon, attack the Sarah's Cards kit or start knitting my hat......maybe I'll surprise myself and do both.
Hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Jo x

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Sandra said...

oh Jo .. this is gorgeous. You picked the perfect title as well, didn't you LOL. Don't forget to send me this one too.

Glad you got the socks finished.