Saturday 5 February 2011

A Very Busy Week

I have been so busy this week and the time has just flown by!  Luckily the weekend is going at a sedate pace but that's because I started it on Thursday night :)

A massive achievement for me this week was that I opened my post.  No big deal for most people but I have a huge hate/fear of post.  It took me two evenings to open it, sort it and file it and, once the things I didn't need were shredded (thanks to Paul) I filled the whole of my recycling wheelie bin!  Did I feel better for doing it?  YES.  I was getting fed up with seeing piles of post when I opened the front door and I couldn't fit any more of it in the bottom of my wardrobe but now it's all sorted and I have no intention of ever letting it get that bad again.

I managed a few layouts this week too which I'm really pleased about but here is one I did last weekend (I seem to be getting a back log of layouts to share!)
I used a sketch from Twisted Sketches for this, the twist was white so I think I got that covered!  The picture is of Maddie and my nephew Ryan and the occasion is Maddie's first time as a bridesmaid in 1996.  I found a file of photos I had sorted when I first started scrapping, I'd put all the pictures I wanted to scrap in envelopes with the date on and what we were doing and then I forgot all about them!  Finding them again has certainly made me want to scrap even more now and I so wish there was more time to do it. 
I wanted to keep the layout simple so, instead of using a patterned paper to represent the circle in the sketch I just drew a pencil circle and highlighted it with a little bit of bling.

I've managed to do another layout today because the work station Paul built me has just made it so easy, I can't thank him enough.

It was his birthday on Wednesday (and he still let me go to the crop) but we're putting on our glad rags and dancing shoes and going out on the town tonight........well to the social club really where a live band are playing music from the 60s, 70s and 80s.  Should be fun and I'm thinking that, at my age, I may have to go and take a nap now to prepare myself for dancing the night away :)

Happy weekend all
Jo xx


Sandra said...

Have fun tonight Jo .. and Birthday wishes to you Paul :)
What a gorgeous layout Jo .. I love the pencil circle, what a great idea - you really are on a roll with your scrapping .. and Paul, that's thanks to you too.
Ok Jo, please don't hate me .. but I've given you a blog award! It's over on my blog for you - apparently you copy the award and post it on your blog and list 7 things about you, and then pass it on. Please don't feel you have too, though if you don't want to. I really understand xxx

Karen said...

Gorgeous LO Jo, I love how you have pencilled the circle and added the bling, its really effective :)

Winnie said...

Well done on sorting out all the post. Love the simplicity of the LO, it looks great!