Saturday 12 May 2012

It's Been a Busy Week!

This week I have been such a social butterfly and I'm feeling the effects of it now!

Saturday I met up with some friends for lunch. It was great to catch up with them, even better was the Key Lime Pie made by Clare:
Sunday I headed down to Paul's and found the sun!
Bank Holiday Monday was a day for spending money, which was fun :)
I finally got a new TV, well two actually but I figured that I haven't had a new TV in 29 years so I deserved it.  The last new TV I had was for my 11th birthday, I still have it and, prior to the digital switch over it still worked!  Anyhoo I got this for the living room:
A very dark picture but it's because Maddie thinks she's a vampire and likes to shut the sun out!  I got this one for my room:
Tuesday saw my first date night with Maddie!  We went to the cinema to see The Avengers, which was great.
We enjoyed going out together so much that we've decided to do it more often, like once or twice a month.

I had my first hair cut in over a year!  Only one grey hair found which isn't bad for 40!
I started knitting more socks, these ones are for me.
I also managed to fit in coffee with friends, a visit to the pub and trying out this sarnie for lunch:
Tomorrow I would like to be scrapping but this will stop me:
Mine is the only garden out of the four in the cul-de-sac that's already had a cut this year but, as of today, I have the longest grass!
I don't think Alf is enjoying it much because it's so long it keeps tickling his bottom! Paul's away at Floriade (flower festival in Holland that only happens once every 10 years), so I have the weekend to myself to get the jungle sorted.

And the last thing to share is my new toy. After using a desktop that is past its sell by date and then using Maddie's old laptop I decided to treat myself to this:
My little notebook that I love :) I still feel a bit very guilty about getting in but I worked very hard for my bonus and thought I'd have a big treat for a change :)

I hope you have a great weekend, I will be back to show off the garden when I've finished it (if the rain holds off)

Thanks for stopping by
Jo x


Jo.C said...

Great haircut and lucky lucky you that you only have one grey hair :0)
What a brilliant week - enjoy your goodies x

Lou said...

Sounds like you've had a fun filled week and why not spoil yourself x

Gaye said...

Oh Jo, you have been enjoying yourself!

Love the hair, jealous that you're not grey! Nice presents to self, and your sock rocks.

My not so simple life said...

looks like you had a great week, :) Well done you for spoiling yourself too!

Sandra said...

I'm really pleased you're finally treating yourself missy ... And it's obviouslyme that has the grey hair from knowing you lol xxx

Lorna said...

wow - you have been busy. That key lime pie looks fab. You didnt even mention the crop!

Lisa-Jane said...

Some lovely new things to enjoy there Jo! I think its lovely that you and Maddie had such a lovely time together.

Alison said...

Good for you, for treating yourself-it sounds long overdue! We went to see 'The Avengers' last night..which I enjoyed much more than I expected to!
Alison xx

Lisa said...

Glad you have treated yourself and your hair looks fab too

L xx