Sunday 5 August 2012


And the living is easy…I wish! Today it's time for Storytelling Sunday over at Sian's.

Seeing as it's August and meant to be summer (we've had torrential rain here today) I started thinking about summers gone by.

I remember the sun shining for what seemed like the whole of the school holidays. I remember us heading off to the beach early in the morning and having sights like this greeting us:

I love spending time at the beach no matter what the weather but those lazy days of summer were special. Small clouds passed over head like people drifting in the sea on lilos. When dozing on the sand the breaking of the waves sounded distant, everything seemed so relaxed.

During the day we'd go for a wander around the town:

I always loved walking around harbours looking at the boats, seeing the fisherman examine their catches.

I always dreamed of living somewhere like this no matter if the sun is shining, the wind howling or the rain pounding down.

I remember spending so much time in the sea during those lazy summer days, playing games on the sand, people watching. I remember leaving at the end of the day and hoping I'd be returning soon.

I wonder now if the weather has changed the summer or if it's the pressures of being a home owning adult that make those bygone days seem more relaxing.

We've all got a story in us so head over to Sian's at From High In The Sky and tell yours.

I hope you're having a great weekend.
Jo xx

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Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Beside the sea is my favourite place to be too Jo :o) Lovely photos.
Fi xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have wonderful memories of going to the beach for two weeks every summer. But now, as an adult, all I can think is "How on earth did my parents afford two weeks in a hotel at the beach and how did my dad manage to get that much time off of work at once?"

Lisa-Jane said...

I think its a bit of both to be honest. I don't remember summers being a total wash out when I was little but I'm sure there were bad days too. I lived by the sea back then and I can only remember hot days stuck indoors as both parents worked and my Mum is scared of water!

Lou said...

funny enough we said the same thing..."I remember the sun shining for what seemed like the whole of the school holidays".

Love the photos and wish i lived near near the sea-side x

Mel said...

The great British summertime - bliss if the rain stays away!

Sian said...

Beautiful evocative photos and words have conjured up a day at the beach perfectly! I can feel my shoulders relaxing as I read - honestly Jo, just what I needed. Thank you! I bet lots of us will be glad of a touch of sea air today so a perfect addition to this month's edition of Storytelling Sunday

scrappyjacky said...

I'm sure summer used to really be summer when I was a child!!!

Jane said...

my childhood summers were spent near the sea at Portland and Weymouth. It's been great watching the sailing there!

Irene said...

Childhood memories are great. I just remember it always being sunny too, especially at the seaside. Great photographs to accompany your story.

Missus Wookie said...

Love the photos and memories of the days at the beach - yep it always seemed more carefree. Probably because we didn't have the pressures of being grown ups!

Alison said...

I reckon the lack of pressure had a lot to do with it...lovely pics Jo!
Alison xx

Unknown said...

Summer days like that always made me wish I could paint. To capture all my emotions and memories on a canvas ... but only in my dreams and I can't paint.

Ginger said...

Hi Jo :)

Those are beautiful photos, the clouds are so pretty and the water so blue :)

Summer as a kid was spent camping and fishing with my parents. I loved those days when it seemed like forever when school was finished to the time we went back. These days vacations seem so short.

Lovely thoughts you have shared.