Wednesday 21 May 2014

A Stitch in Time

When I was choosing my options at school I wanted to do sewing, pottery and art but my mum wanted me to do chemistry, technology and physics.  She won and I ended up with qualifications in subjects that have had absolutely no impact on my later life :(

I really love to sew, I was good at sewing and it's a hobby I've done for many years.

Twenty four hours before she was due to start I found out that Maddie had finally got a place at nursery school.  She needed a bag to put her PE kit in so at 10 o'clock at night I thought I'd make her one.  This is the bag, she never wanted to get rid of it even though it's no longer used.
I thought I'd make her a reversable bag with the brightly coloured fabric I had.  There was no pattern, no instructions, it was all in my head.
And it only took me about twenty minutes to do, making sure it was neatly finished inside and out.  I didn't have a table at the time so I did all of this sitting crossed legged on the floor, hunched over the machine, using the side of my knee to operate the foot peddle!
I was always so good at looking at an item and just knowing how to sew it, I didn't need patterns and instructions back then.  I made a few skirts and some beautifully smocked dresses all from ideas in my head.  So why am I now scared to get out my machine and sew?  During the week I tell myself the machine is coming out at the weekend but when the weekend comes so does the mental block and I never start sewing.

Maddie still thinks her bag is cute and since looking at it again I've been trying to tell myself that I CAN DO IT.
Maybe this weekend....

Have you ever had a mental block when it comes to doing something you used to love?

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Jo xx


Sandra said...

We all have a mental block now and then, and as we get older we want to do more and more ... our minds just get so full of creative ideas. Plus, its always daunting to start up a new hobby (even one that we used to love) ... its just a case of jump in and play.

yvette said...

That is a lovely story Jo, and am s pleased you still have Maddie's bag. I wish I had kept more of the childrens stuff. I think that you have nothing to fear, you are so talented, get the machine out and some scrap fabric and just whizz a few lines of stitches, you will soon get back into it.

Sian said...

What a great story this is. I hope you can push through that block very soon because your love for seeing really shines through here.

Funny, TSO has been revising for her Home Economics all morning and we were just talking about how much of a loss it is that it's only cooking now and not sewing

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

The Friendship Quilt squares really helped me get over the fear of my machine. I guess they didn't work for you. Just get some scrap fabric, sew a few seams and see how you go. You can do it Jo.

Emma said...

I so agree about keeping up creative subjects at school. There's too much pressure on children who are able to just go the academic route. How about making something for yourself so it isn't too daunting? Or a replica of the bag you made all those years ago to start you off again?

Jo.C said...

I am so with you on that. I cut out 3skirts at Easter and I haven't sewn a stitch. Maybe we should make a pact to stitch something in the next week!

Becky said...

A lovely story and I am so impressed! Get that machine out again - you can do it! :)

Lou said...

I used to love to sew too..and then found pretty paper. If it's something you want to do, give it a go x