Monday 27 October 2014

Week Forty Three

I still have lots of stories from the summer to tell but I really wanted to get back to my weekly round up posts too.  So here's week 43....that means there are just over 8 weeks until Christmas!

My week started with a trip to the garage to have the car serviced, MOT'd and finally cleaned:
It was also the week I started blogging again and I can't believe how happy it's made me to be back, here's me with the chief photo bomber!
I had lots of cuddles with my boy:
And watched my first Christmas film, I really couldn't wait any longer :)
I witnessed a crash while out on my walk, all because the drivers didn't have the patience to let the fire engine on an emergency go first!
Alfie was very naughty and found a massive stick in the garden, I always get scared when he has a stick in his mouth and starts running:
I'm' still with Slimming World and my progress has been great but I'll do a whole post on that soon. Am I still have dirty pudding after I've weighed in? Of course I am :)
I had a very rare weekend at home so my friend, Sarah, came over on Friday night and bought Chinese with her....and a bottle of cider :)
Then we settled down in our usual spots on the sofa to watch Gogglebox:
On Saturday I got a few jobs out of the way early and because the weather was so nice I managed to cut the grass, hopefully for the last time this year!
And then I tackled this mess.  I'm sure everyone has that one area/cupboard/drawer in their home that really needs a sort out.  Mine is my hallway and I've been telling myself for ages that it needs a good tidy, it's been such a dumping ground.
After a couple of hours!!!! of hard work I'm pleased to say it's looking much better:
So I rewarded myself with this:
As the clocks went back and we gained an hour on Sunday I decided to have breakfast in bed :)
Then my day was free to do some Project Life catch up, I'm currently on week 32 and I'm loving getting back in to filling my album again:
Then on Sunday I met up with my family to toast my Dad who died 7 years ago, I had his favourite tipple, a Jack Daniels....cheers Dad xxx
And I finished the weekend off by knitting a Christmas present while the boy dozed on my lap :)
Now I'm ready to rock this week like a boss!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

We have more than one area in our house which needs that kind of a tidy. I keep saying it looks like we haven't thrown anything out since we moved in and we need to pretend we are moving again. You've made a great job of your tidying.

You rock the week! Go on, do it!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Like Sian, we have more than one "glory hole" in the house! I've missed your weekly round ups, but mostly the dirty puddings!

Barbara Eads said...

I'm not quite ready for a Christmas movie just yet. But I am getting ready to do a major clean out as we begin some remodeling!! Your closet looks great!

Sandra said...

I'm so pleased these round up of your weeks are back, I love the peek into your life. And oh yes that coffee was certainly a worthy reward after clearing up. You really are on a roll ... Way to go with your PL catch up x

Susanne said...

What a lovely catching-up kind of post. Since everyone else is confessing as well, the spot that needs an overhaul at my house is the extra closet in our master bedroom - it's where I stash stuff when I'm tidying in the house in a hurry before guests arrive.