Monday 6 July 2015

Week Twenty Seven

Week twenty seven was another great week, here are the highlights:

The last picture of my baby as a twenty year old, where does the time go?!?
I had a little win at bingo :)
The first picture of my baby as a twenty one year old :)
She picked the numbers on her cake!
I had a visitor to the garden, Alfie wasn't happy!
Raspberry and white chocolate frape in the office :)
I decided to spring clean my kitchen on the hottest day of the year after putting in a full day at the office!
Dirty pudding was left over birthday cake.
We had Pimms in the office to celebrate a record month!
Maddie actually dressed for the summer!
Saturday morning breakfast in the sunshine :)
Celebrating 4th of July at Sarah's party :)
Where her hubby Chris did a great job with the BBQ :)
And then we chatted round the fire pit :)
And we finally ended the weekend with jelly and evaporated milk, my favourite :)
This week is going to be a quite one so I can get on with much neglected jobs around the house!

I hope  you have a good one, thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Looks like a pretty great week all round. That jelly and evaporated milk brought back childhood memories of tea time.

Becky said...

Mmm! Jelly and evaporated milk! Haven't had that for years!

Lou said...

i have to echo Becky comment. my husband loves the stuff!! Childhood memories indeed x

Sian said...

I love jelly. I love evaporated milk. I need to put them together..

Have a great week Jo

Alison said...

Catching up!....hope Maddie had a great Birthday...and jelly and evaporated milk- had totally forgotten about that's!! Xx

Sandra said...

Lovely photo of Sam. Have you done her an album of all her birthdays? Goodness 21, how wonderful