Wednesday 26 August 2015

Week Thirty Four

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who read my previous post and has donated money to help me reach my target, I am amazed by your generosity.

Now it's time for my round up of week thirty four:

I finally got over a block I was having with Project Life and started working on it again (I got over the block by missing out the week that was holding me up and I'll go back to it at a later date)
I had a laugh in the office with my sister Jessica while our sister Jemma was on holiday.
The weather stayed dry for long enough for me to cut the grass!
Jess made us a lovely lunch :)
I enjoyed dirty pudding, I think I'm getting addicted to these Salted Caramel Cupcakes from Tesco!
The weekend was all about the Bournemouth Air Show!  It was brilliant as usual apart from a couple of rude people who thought it was ok to block others from seeing or taking photos!
I tried not to let them dampen my spirits and did manage to get a few good photos :)
And I had a few tears in my eyes watching the Vulcan make one of its last flights :(
We enjoyed a rest in the Lower Gardens people watching :)
And even had a cheeky beer!
Before getting drenched and running to Sprinkles for cover from the rain......and some waffles of course!
And here is my little Red Eleven ready for training :)
The evening fireworks were great even though it was very damp!
On Sunday it rained heavily so Paul put some finishing touches....
to this gorgeous painting he's done for me :)
Then I looked out of the window and saw these boys fly past signally it was time for me to go if I wanted to miss the traffic.
And then I was back with my girl :)
This week has started off very wet but I'm hoping it will improve in time for the Bank Holiday!

Have a good week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

Hope this weekend I s drier for you,! Looks like it was a good week though x

Lou said...

you got some fab air shots! Looks like another good week x

Sandra said...

I think you'll find then, that it's you to blame for the bad weather by cutting your grass, and not my summer wardrobe x

Michelle S said...

You're fab!

Sian said...

You've got some fantastic pictures there. You must have been quick!