Wednesday 6 April 2016

Week Fourteen

Week fourteen was a good one, well the start of it was! Here are the highlights:

As Easter Monday was a Bank Holiday we strolled up to the pub for breakfast!
And it was a breakfast of epic proportions!
I started walking again and got absolutely soaked! I'm so glad I went though.
We both got cosy under blankets I'd made, I'm so proud of these :)
I decided it was time to sort the airing cupboard out!
Things were looking a lot worse....
Before they started looking a lot better! Two bags to the charity shop and one to the bin and it's still jam packed though!
We enjoyed some lovely weather:
And I had an evening with some of the crop girls :)
I was so happy with only a half a pound gain this week and enjoyed dirty pudding :)
She was still trying on hats :)
On Saturday I whizzed through my to do list:
Which included looking after the neighbour's cat Elsa!
And I missed out on cuddle time because I was too busy :(
I even sold my car!
I worked hard so that I could have a me day on Sunday with the hope of catching up on Project Life.  But the nice day I planned didn't happen because I woke up with an abscess on my tooth so I had a trip to the dentist instead and spent the rest of Sunday in pain :(
A cluster headache on Monday only added to my misery :(

I'm really hoping that the week is going to improve!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

I think I've said it know it's bad when the Paramol comes out. Hope the antibiotics have done the trick!

Your crochet blankets are gorgeous. And the sight of your airing cupboard does my heart good. I'm not the only one, then..

Becky said...

Oh dear hope you are now feeling better. The week had been going so well for you until then. Love the blankets. And like Sian pleased to see your airing cupboard looks like mine lol!

Michelle S said...

Hope ur better hunny! We need to make a summer meet up date! Sam really suits hats! She looks great!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Another one here with an airing cupboard packed to the hilt! Hope you're feeling better now. Those blankets are a sight to cheer anyone's spirits.

Sandra said...

Well I'm super impressed on how you sorted the airing cupboard xx

Susanne said...

I hope you are back at full speed and vitality. I have a few of those closets I need to be tackling too.