Sunday 16 May 2010

Fabby Weekend

I had such a great weekend.  It was nice to finish work on Friday but I just got all my boring jobs done in the evening, washing, hoovering, ironing, dusting................swear words to most people but I like to get them out of the way quickly.

I went to a crop on Saturday and managed to get 2 layouts done and spend loads of money on beautiful papers.  In the afternoon I drove down to Paul's to surprise him and boy was he surprised.  We had a great night in the pub in the company of Jack, Jack Daniels that is, and it was just lovely to spend the time together.  The only downside was that Alfie broke a claw as soon as we got there and covered everywhere in blood, he's lying on his new blanket now feeling sorry for himself.

Here's a layout of my great niece that I did ages ago but haven't got round to posting:
I normally think that babies sort of look the same and I'm not saying this just because she's family but she is so so beautiful.

The paper was perfect and I just had to add a few flowers.

I am so very very tired now, not sure about an early night........I think I'm ready for bed now! x

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Sandra said...

Fabulous layout Jo. AAwww, poor Alfie, not surprised he's feeling sorry for himself LOL