Wednesday 26 May 2010

Too Busy to Blog!

I have just been so busy I've hardly had time to do anything!, It's not all bad though and here's a quick rundown:

Thursday I went to my nephew, Egg's, birthday party:

I went to a craft fair on Saturday morning ~ I think they used the term craft very loosely because it was 90% jewellery stalls so a bit of a disappointment.
After that I went to a Summer Fair at my niece's infant school which also used to be my infant school.  It was funny walking through the gates 30 years after I'd last been there and the playground certainly looked like it had shrunk.
In the afternoon I went to a wool shop.  I told the woman that I wanted to knit something but didn't know what. "Socks" she said "it has to be socks" so that's what I did and here's how I'm getting on:
Sunday I went to a boot sale and grabbed myself a bargain, I got Maddie a much needed bookshelf for her bedroom for a mere £3.  I spent the afternoon in the garden reading, knitting and getting burnt!

Monday the most bizarre thing happened.  I was standing in the High Street talking to a market researcher when a woman pushed a pram into me.  She apologised and said she been pushing the pram with her head down and not looking where she was going.  I said that was stupid because she could have pushed the baby into a car or something equally dangerous.  She proceeded to tell me I was discriminating against her and that I had started it!!! I was the one standing there minding my own business and if she'd have pushed it into someone less sturdy than me they could have fallen in the pram!  However, Monday did get better when I won £770 at bingo.

I did a layout of Maddie on her last day of primary school, Friday is her last day of high school and I can't believe how the time has flown by.

Lots of flowers as usual
And some flutterbys

The rest of the time it's just been work, work, work but we have all decided to join together and encourage each other to lose weight.  So there it is, I've gone public, I am on a diet.  So far it's been ok, feeling a bit hungry now and then but my energy levels are so high.  I shall do an update to let  you know how I'm getting on, I have a wedding to go to in September and my goal is to lose 2 stone by then.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun x

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