Tuesday 1 June 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

The rain doesn't really bother me, I like the rain but I hate how it makes the weeds grow and the dog muddy!

Alfie is not in my good books tonight because he managed to catch a pigeon in the garden.  It sat there for ages with its sad little face looking at me but, after a bit of recovery time, it soared off into the tree tops............very lucky escape considering the insane number of cats we have round here.

I had a fabby weekend with Paul doing what we wanted, when we wanted.  We had lunch at a fantastic French restaurant and then a steak dinner, we went to a craft shop and then I got this:
I spent a large whack of my bingo winnings on it but I figured it was something to keep and look back on and remember my one time win!

It's so lovely, just need to learn how to use all the features on it now.  I did do boring things like pay some bills and of course Maddie had a treat.

Being away at the weekend didn't leave much time for crafting, I did do a bit of knitting:

And when I got home I managed a layout:

The girls at my crop had set a 3 layout challenge for the weekend and although I love a challenge I could only manage one.  I used a crop kit that I got from Sandra at Gotta Craft.

Flowers and buttons as usual!

And I just had to use this title for the photo of my nephews racing around the garden.

There was so much I wanted to do tonight but the dog changed my plans and he just can't understand why I'm mad at him......stoopid boy! x

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