Sunday 6 June 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

I have had a fantastic few days in the sun but I'm pleased it's a bit cooler today.

I had the day off on Friday and met up with my friend, Lynne, in Hampton Court.  We had a lovely walk through Bushy Park and then went for lunch by the river:

I've always wanted to eat here but never have:

We got a table right on the river:

And watched the boats:

I even managed to get Maddie out in the sunshine!

After lunch we went for a walk round the shops and ended up in my favourite quilt shop.  They had a lovely bargain pack of fabrics in red and some of the material had cherries on.....made for me.  I didn't get it though, don't know why, I think the heat must have got to my brain!

After the shops we sat in the shade in Bushy Park so that Lynne could look through my scrap books.  Maddie had a drink that turned her tongue the same shade as the blue on her t-shirt, very co-ordinated!

I went shopping in Dorking with my friend Clare on Saturday:

She'll probably hate me for posting this photo of her but I think she looks so nice in it.  We ended up doing one of our favourite things:

Having cream tea with proper clotted cream no less!

I told Clare about the lovely material I'd seen yesterday and although we looked in the quilt shop at Dorking nothing matched up to it.  So she raced me over to Hampton Court to get the material but, despite having my fingers crossed the entire journey, it was sold when I got there so I got this:

Mainly yellows and not reds but I still got my cherries. I wanted the material to make some cushions, inspired totally by Rachel when I was reading her blog the other day.  Clare saw a cup cake cushion that she loved but they'd run out of the kits, they were very helpful and said they make her one up.  As soon as it's ready I'll be going over and getting her started on her new hobby!

I've still been managing to steal a few minutes in between working, housework and grass cutting to do some work on my socks:

They'll be ready by the winter :o) and I did manage to get a couple of pages done in a Circle Journal.

Today is going to be a lazy day of scrapping, knitting, reading and getting ready for going back to work tomorrow!  Good luck to Maddie for her exams this week, it'll all be over soon x


Sandra said...

oh my goodness you have been busy, haven't you. Now see, I don't want to say told you so - but next time madam ... buy it when you see it LOL. As soon as the post came up about Dorking I knew where you would visit. Sounds like you've had a really wonderful weekend - and looks like the new camera is getting used really well.

yvette said...

What lovely pictures Jo, glad you are pleased with your camera. I have been to that resturant for a christmas meal, we were in that conservatory and I had to keep my coat on because of the draft! Anyway, looks like you had a great weekend, love the picture of maddie, she looks like she enjoyed herself, love the fabric stash!!