Friday 6 April 2012

Here's Hoping for a Good Friday!

Ever get that tingly feeling on the top of your head? You'll just be sitting there and then suddenly feel it?  Some people say it's someone from the other side letting you know they're there and it's something I believe and get comfort from. 

All day Tuesday I had that feeling on my head and knew it was probably my dad letting me know everything would be ok, I was worrying about a how I was going to pay a big bill that arrived the day before and I guessed it was dad's way of saying not to worry.  The next day a lovely old man came into my office to see me, I asked his name and it was the same as my dad's!  When he left he shook my hand, said God bless and told me he'd be back to see me the next day.  I took it as a sign, a good sign.  That night I won £530 at bingo, enough to pay my bill!  I couldn't wait to go to work the next day and see the old man again...........but he didn't come back!

Anyway, enough spooky tales.  I came to show you a layout I recently did from last month's Gotta Craft kit:
It's the gorgeous My Minds Eye Miss Caroline Collection, which I think are great.  I love anything with a natural, wood look and these papers are great to work with.  I reproduced the pre-printed embellishments in the bottom left corner in the top right corner and added a few butterflies here and there.
The photo shows my view when I'm cooking dinner in the evening.  Maddie and Alfie like to sit outside the kitchen door having a cuddle while I do all the work!

Today the weather men seem to have got it wrong.  I should listen to Paul's advice, he always says "if you want to know what the weather's doing then look out of the window"!  The forecast here was for a miserable day so, I planned ahead yesterday and we were going to have a PJ day today with films and popcorn.  Woke up to a blinding bright sun and it feels a bit naughty to stay indoors now!

I hope you all have an amazing long weekend.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Jane said...

what a great story, I like to think my dad is watching over me too. Love the layout and the gorgeous photo x

Jo.C said...

I always call my Dad my guardian angel and yours was definitely looking after you. Great story - enjoy the weekend x

Sian said...

Jo, that is a fabulous story! I'm going to be thinking about it for the rest of the day now. I love it.

Sarah said...

I got the tingles just reading your post!! My Mum often pops by to see me too!! Lovely page, cute pic! Happy Easter! x

Alison said...

Love your Lo JO...and your story!
Alison xx

Scattychick said...

So glad your win helped you out JO :) Love the LO such cute pics though surely Maddie should be helping!

Glen said...

What a lovely story Jo. *Ü* Glad you were able to pay your bill. Isn't it a worry?! Lovely layout and pretty photos. TFS. ~Glen~

yvette said...

What a lovely story Jo, I have some weird things like that happen, and I am really glady you don't have to worry about your bill.
i love your layout, that collection is gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Ooh that is spooky Jo! but richly deserved xx