Sunday 24 June 2012

Over the Hump!

Well we've had the longest day of the year so now it's all downhill to Christmas.  What am I talking about, downhill, it's certainly not because I love the winter and Christmas :) in fact I have ignored Maddie's protests about not watching anything Christmas related until 1st December and I have already kicked off my Christmas viewing with Christmas with the Kranks!

I'm back to share a couple of pictures from my niece's birthday a few weeks ago.  Now Bella loves Alfie, every time I see her the first thing she asks me is how Alfie is and have I got any new pictures of him.  When it came to getting her a birthday present I knew it had to be dog related so I got her a little dog hospital set with a cuddly doggy,  She loved it and declared that her dog would also be called Alfie, "my Alfie not your Alfie Jo Jo"
I have heard that she loves her little Alfie so much that she won't go to bed without him.
Being a massive Peppa Pig fan she had to have this cake:
Which just happened to be handmade by my sister.
My nephew, Eggnog, made the burger on the picnic blanket and the piece of cake that one of the pigs is holding.

As well as attending a 3 years olds birthday party I have also been busy working, bingoing (not really a word but hey ho) and scrapping.  I have managed to fill another gap in our American album:
We spent some time on a farm in Detroit, it was such a great day.  Maddie made a candle by dipping string in melted wax. It took ages to build it up by dipping, walking a few meters to allow the hot was to set, dipping again, more walking, more dipping until it was just a bit thicker than a chop stick.  Did I managed to get the very delicate candle on a flight to travel 3000 miles to the UK? You bet I did!  Do I still have that very frail candle 13 years later? Of course I do, it survived all of that travelling and a house move so it is obviously more hardy than I first thought!

This morning I've had a little look in my crystal ball and see a day of scrapping on my horizon!

I hope the weekend is being good to you.
Thanks for popping in
Jo xx


Lou said...

great photos Jo and your sister is very clever...the cake is fantastic xx

Alison said...

Clever sister..and clever you, buying the perfect present!
Alison xx

Sandra said...

What a pretty little girl your niece is and her cake is amazing! I really like your layout too.

Lisa-Jane said...

Love that cake! Bella is a cutie and seems to like her new pet.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Wow! That cake is amazing. What a little cutie your niece is. Ah the days when present buying was straight forward. My nieces are nearly all teens now, or think that they are!!
Fi xx

My not so simple life said...

wow you've been busy, great layout, amazing cake and very cute niece :)

Jane said...

that cake is amazing, glad the birthday present was a success

Jennifer Grace said...

Great page. And I'm really impressed that you kept the candle so long!

That cake looks amazing, perfect for a 3 year old! x