Friday 1 March 2013


This week I had a bit of a change around at home.
I have a lovely craft desk in my bedroom but I never use it. I prefer to be in the living room with Maddie and Alfie and not shut away in another room.
This meant I was taking over the dining table and the pile of 'few essential bits' I needed in the living room to scrap was eventually over running the whole room!
In one corner of the living room I have this:

My computer cupboard and some of the over running stash!
Now I don't use my desktop computer now, it's old, slow and not that convenient so it was time for it to go.
I decided to swap things around and move the cupboard to my bedroom and use it for storage and to move my craft desk to the living room.

I love it and I'm hoping that I'll be far more productive now!

And here's my beautiful assistant, I couldn't have done it without her because that cupboard sure was heavy!
So, after years of dreaming of my very own craft room I've decided it's just not for me. To be creative I have to be in the heart of the home with my family :)
Today I'm looking forward to going down to Paul's for the weekend and this Sunday is Story Telling Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx
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Sian said...

What a brilliant idea! These days my space up on the top floor is feeling less and less like the right place to be..I think I need a bit of a move around myself :)

see you on Sunday, then!

Lou said...
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Lou said...

I'm sure you'll create much more now! I much prefer the dinning room to being shut away somewhere x

Barbara Eads said...

What a perfect solution! Plus, you already have it decorated so cute!

Sandra said...

Jo it's lovely how you've created your creative space. I adore my craft room, but I tend to use it more as storage these days, as I hate being away from Simon & Eddie. Hope you enjoy your weekend, I know, you're always creative when you're visiting Paul