Friday 8 March 2013

Week Three

I realised that, not only am I slightly behind with Project Life, I am behind with blogging the pages I've already done!
Already it is lovely to look back on and remember what happened at the start of the year and here is week three:

Day one of week three was my birthday and I had a great day. I turned 41, it snowed and I had a win at bingo! My first Studio Calico kit arrived, I got some bargains from Boots and Maddie decided to pose for a quick snap in the office :)

I had my first cuddles with my niece Alice, I'd forgotten how small newborns are, my sister bought a new hat that made me think of Where's Wally, we had a lot of snow and Alfie turned Pippy into a snow dog when he rolled her in it! I drank a lot of coffee, nothing new there really, me and my friends battled through the snow to bingo, we're hardy birds! I had a lovely walk in the snow with my walking poles.
Like I said, it's already lovely to look back on.
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx
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scrappyjacky said...

It's all coming together so well.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Looking good :o) Funnily enough I had the same thought about turning the Easter chick into a robin! Great minds xx

Sian said...

I can just imagine you flipping through these lovely pages over a coffee...and if it's fun now, think about how cool it's going to be years from now..

humel said...

You're doing better than I am lol - I haven't shared any of my pages yet! Your album is looking fabulous :)

Michelle S said...

Looking gr8! Love it Jo x

Lou said...

it looks so lovely Jo - a treasure x

Sandra said...

Jo, it's just looking amazing. Love the colour scheme you've used