Tuesday 23 April 2013

Week Five

I'm still plodding along with my version of Project Life and I am still loving it.  I love the whole process from taking the photos and making photo collages to print to writing notes for the week.
It's great to look back and see what was happening in my world and here's what we were up to in week five:

 So, since I've lost weight I've become very vain, yes I think that song is about me, and I keep taking selfies! I had lots of cuddles with the dogs, the garden had turned into something resembling Glastonbury. The dogs paws were caked in mud and my heart was almost breaking with the state my new carpet was getting in, I say almost because the dogs are my life and they come first :) I also had a little win at bingo.

It really was a relaxing week for all of us apart from the epic walk we took the dogs on; we recovered far quicker than they did!  I also featured a photo collage of the complete month of pictures I'd taken for Project 365.
More current news is that I actually managed to sit in the garden for an hour after work tonight, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the dogs were panting after playing football together!
I hope your week is going well, I will be back on Thursday for Makes Me Sad/Makes Me Happy.
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

It's looking so good Jo ... And I think it right to put self portrait pictures in. You want to look back and see all aspects of your life, including you. It's too easy to forget to add us in to our pages

Sian said...

Yes, I think Sandra is right. Enjoy a few self portraits. You deserve it!

Lou said...

I like it that you include photos of you...its so easy not too x

Alison said...

Lovely pages - so full of interest and detail! And exactly right to include yourself, too!