Thursday 9 May 2013

Makes Me Sad/Makes Me Happy

Top o' the morning to you!

We've been having a fantastic spell of weather here but strong winds are forecast today, maybe Mary Poppins is on the horizon :)

Well here's what's been making me sad this week:

That mean Alfie went for Pippy so I've had to let Paul have her back for a while, yes I know she's his dog but I loves her too :(

But look at what's made me happy:

Meeting up with online friends in real life and having a great time on the beach :)

What happy things have wiped out the sad in your life this week?

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Have a great day
Jo xx

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Lou said...

that's a good reason to be happy x

Michelle S said...

It was gr8 meeting u! I'll defo b meeting u again soon x

Sian said...

A great reason to be happy. It's thundering here at the moment, which isn't great. But it's burgers for tea. Hurray

Sandra said...

I just love it that you got to meet up with Instagram friends, so it does diet of make the sad, less so. And it's not for long, she'll be back with you soon, I'm sure x