Wednesday 15 May 2013

Week Six

I'm still working on my version of Project Life.  The photos I'm currently scrapping are from the winter and, considering the state of the weather here at the moment, I really don't feel like I'm that far behind! 

It's been cold, windy and wet which is very similar to the weather we were having back at the beginning of February:
Week six was very quiet so only one page.

1. We had an unexpected afternoon off of work because the computers weren't working.
2. I finally took a picture of the artwork Maddie draws on my office whiteboard!
3. We spent a lot of time chilling and snuggled in front of the fire.
4. The dogs wouldn't let me forget it was dinner time!
5. My handsome Alfie :)
6. I had nice food, naughty food and very naughty food.  It was the crop birthday and we had a lovely cake.
7. A picture of us both wearing our glasses, it doesn't happen often because mine are just for VDU work.

So all in all a very quiet and boring week but still worth the effort of getting it in my album.

I have started week seven and I guess I'd better get a wiggle on and get it finished :)

Hope you're having a great week.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


My not so simple life said...

Great page. Horrible weather here too. We're supposed to be getting snow this weekend!

Lisa-Jane said...

With the snow in the country today it definitely felt more like Winter! Fingers crossed for an improvement in weather!

Sian said...

It looks great! It's funny now to think about work stopping because the computers are down, isn't it? I remember being asked in an interview years ago how I would cope if the computer gave up and having to say I hadn't worked anywhere with computers!! that sounds mad now..

Barbara Eads said...

I am impressed with anyone that can keep up with PL on a weekly basis. I'm approaching it from a monthly standpoint---and even that can be tough at times. I like your layout and the details of your daily life.

Sandra said...

Not boring at all, I like the idea of scrapping and keeping up with our everyday lives. Jo, it's really looking great :)

Alison said...

Lovely cheerful colours - just the thing for February! I've just started down the PL track - or same as you, my own version - I like the size of your divided PP. I will ask you about them on UKS. :)