Saturday 13 July 2013

Not Just Colouring In!

I know I was really late to the Promarker party but once I found them I was hooked!

I always liked to be colouring in when I was little so I have no idea why it took me so long to get back in to colouring in as an adult!  Anyway, I got a couple of stamps and more than a few Promarkers and had a go.

I love it and here's my first attempt:
I loved it so much I had another go:
But what to do with these lovely, little coloured images?  Well I made one into a birthday card for my sister Jessica:
 And then I turned another into a bookmark for myself, it saves me having to hunt for scraps of paper!
And I even did a third one for my brother's birthday card:
I know have a range of stamp images so, when the sun is shining I can go and sit in the garden with Alfie and colour in, it's a great way to wind down after a hard day at work!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lou said...

i've still not tried out promarkers. These little works of art are gorgeous x

Sarah said...

These are lovely Jo. Your colouring is perfect! Xx

My not so simple life said...

Oh those are so cute!

Barbara Eads said...

Your cards are so nice. I was never very good at coloring---I think I wasn't patient enough to sit still that long. Maybe I would be better now.

Lisa-Jane said...

I love them too but you make a much better job of yours than me! Your images are great! They work well for us because I can do colouring with the children so everyone's a winner ;-)

Sandra said...

You really got to grips quickly with promarkers, these are great