Thursday 11 July 2013


Last year I managed to cross something off my bucket list, I finally taught myself to crochet!  I started off with a cowl and then a granny stripe blanket and then I started to feel a bit more ambitious and want to do a ripple blanket.

I found a great tutorial on the Attic24 blog and away I went:

I did a practise piece, something an impatient person like me never does but I really wanted to get it right.

And then I was off with this lovely pink, white and purple colour combination.

And it just kept growing.  It's a lovely relaxing pattern and I just keep hooking away while I was watching TV in the evenings until:

It was the perfect size.

And I can't tell you how soft it is, perfect for this little lady:

I was told that Alice loved her blanket and then I got to see for myself:

She loves to snuggle her face into it :)

I really enjoyed making it and I know I'll do another one but at the moment I'm wondering what to try next.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Jane said...

gorgeous, I'm doing the same pattern at the moment!

Barbara Eads said...

Your baby afghan turned out beautiful. There are so many soft and luscious yarns available---what baby wouldn't love them! The baby is precious too!

Alison said...

I have have just learned to crochet...I can only do squares at the moment! I must look up that pattern!!
Alison xx

Lou said...

Attic 24 is a brilliant blog..i've used a few of her patterns. Your blanket is lovely...happy crocheting x

My not so simple life said...

Oh that is beautiful, I love the colours

Sandra said...

I'm hoping that I can be as good as you soon x