Monday 23 June 2014

Week Twenty Five!

Week twenty five was a quiet one, here are the highlights:

Alfie was pleased to have me home from Paul's and wouldn't leave my side!
I did some more work on my Attic24 bag.
And even managed to get the main part of the bag finished!
I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with my book in the garden.
I was Slimmer of the Week for the second week running!
And I treated myself with a dirty pudding :)
On Saturday I went for a long walk over the park with a friend.  I need to lose 3lbs to get my 4 stone award so I took my walking poles with me to burn more calories!
After the walk we enjoyed a brew on Sarah's balcony :)
Alfie tried his first ever frozen yogurt for dogs and he loved it!
I had a little win at bingo which came in handy as it's Maddie's 20th birthday a week today!
I made a start on the flowers for my bag, I got it right on the 4th attempt!
Another 5k walk over the park on Sunday in the sunshine.
And a real treat was having some fresh honey straight from the hive, it's lovely knowing a beekeeper :)
The last full week in June is going to be busy starting with a compliance visit at work today but I have a lovely, long weekend to look forward to so it's not all bad.

I hope you have a good week.
Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

That looks like a wonderful place to go for walk. Enjoy the honey. I like a spoonful in my porridge.

My not so simple life said...

Looks like a great week and well done being slimmer of the week again!

Sian said...

I hope you have a good week too. I really enjoy these round up posts..your crochet looks fab. I'm going to try flowers next. I'm cheering you on to reach the 4 stone mark :)

Sandra said...

You'll easily get your 4 stone award, of that I'm sure. You're back in the motivation zone for sure :)

Alison said...

Have just enjoyed your last few posts....hope you have another successful week diet wise!
Alison xx

Becky said...

Your crochet looks great - I admire you as I can't get tomgropsmwithnit at all!

Abi said...

Congratulations on slimmer of the week! I am another who enjoys your round up posts!

Lisa-Jane said...

I had no idea you could get frozen yogurt for dogs! Those flowers look wonderful.