Monday 16 June 2014

Week Twenty Three & Twenty Four!

I'm back!  Sorry this is photo heavy but I've combined the last two weeks to show a glimpse of what I've been up to.  Week twenty three looked a lot like this:

I tried a new Slimming World recipe, it was lush! 
I had glass of wine with my mum :)
These two had plenty of cuddles :)
I call this shot " Dreaming of Home Time"!
I went to my first knit and natter night with the crop girls, it was really lovely.
And I had dirty pudding :)
Working in Epsom means you see lots of women dressed up for Ladies Day, this weirdo was in the office!
After being apart for over three months I finally got to see Paul!
And we had a lovely weekend in the sunshine.
I managed to finish this cute cardigan.
And we spent a nice morning at a car boot sale.
I started working on the Attic24 crochet bag.
And had some new ink, it will look much better when it's healed :)
After such a long separation from Paul we hit a bit of a speed bump so week twenty four wasn't that great for me, here are the highlights:

I spent time in the garden with Alfie and my book.
My Studio Calico kit turned up in super quick time!
I saw this little beauty on her birthday and she loved the cardigan I made her.
She also loved this cake my sister made her!
I was Slimmer of the Week and didn't have dirty pudding!
I said goodbye to these two for the weekend.
And said hello to this pretty girl.
I spent another weekend with Paul, who decided it was time for a shave! I'm really hoping that we're over that speed bump now because I love him so much.
I'm hoping that this week is going to be so much better.

Thanks for stopping by

Jo x


Anonymous said...

Keeping everything crossed this week is better for you. Well done on slimmer of the week too, have not managed that myself yet.

Sian said...

I'm very much hoping for a better week for you this week. Fingers crossed! Good work on Slimmer of the Week :) and that cardigan? It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

Great pics - love all the ones of the furry friends! :) xx

Sandra said...

Yay for your round up :) it's always fun seeing what you've been up too. Congrats on being back to winning Slimmer of the Week x

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Here's to a better week for you and Paul. Well done on being Slimmer of the Week :o)

Lisa-Jane said...

I can't believe you different you are looking these days Jo - your shorter hair and slimmer features really suit you! Big hugs to you and the shaven one - it can't be easy being apart for so long. x

Becky said...

You're doing so well with slimmer of the week :). Great set of photos.