Monday 16 February 2015

Week Seven

Week seven was a very quiet one with a not very nice ending :( Here are the highs and lows:

It's still quite light when we leave work which is nice :)
Maddie was feeling poorly again, I think she has developed an intolerance to onions. She's hoping I'm wrong because onions are a favourite of hers!
I had a lovely walk in the park on one of my lunch breaks :)
I had a small gain at slimming :(
I still enjoyed dirty pudding though :)
I had a lovely delivery of stash :)
I went to stay with this pretty girl :)
I got up to date with Project Life (well I've got all of my photos in the album, just need to tart it up :))
Paul got me an amazing present:
I've wanted one for ages and I think it's better than flowers or chocolates :)

We had a lovely Valentine's meal:
And enjoyed the nice weather with this not so little chap!
My week had a horrible ending due to a migraine on Friday that gave me a sleepless night. Luckily it was downgraded to a headache on Saturday. I was so looking forward to a full nights sleep but then got tooth ache so had another sleepless night :(

I have a feeling this is going to be a long week!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Josie said...

Sorry to hear about the migraine (and the onions!), also pleased to see someone else who likes practical presents. My husband was horrified when, on our first Christmas, I asked for some pine internal doors for the house I was renovating! Twenty years later he still wants to spoil me rather than buying useful gifts, bless!

Sian said...

I can totally sympathise with the migraine and the tooth ache. Yuck. I hope you are feeling brighter and haven't got too much of a migraine hangover so that this week starts to look up.

I love the look of that wool..

Sandra said...

Now that the weather is improving it looks like you'll be doing your park walks again. Hopefully I'll be able to join you this year