Wednesday 24 June 2015

I Spied

With my little eye......

A few years ago I was out with Paul and we were finishing the afternoon by meeting up with his sister at a jumble sale she'd been working at.  There were no cashpoints nearby but it was ok, we had £4 in change on us and that would be enough for a cup of tea.  We were parched and headed straight for the tea bar when something caught my eye amongst all of the jumble that was being packed away.  This is a rough reconstruction of what I saw:
I ran walked over for a closer looked, gave it a little tug to get it out from the gap it had been wedged in, and here is what I found:
The photos really don't show how beautifully hand pieced and hand quilted this is:
And there was even more treasure inside it!
Pockets had been made for a rotary cutter, a quarter inch marker and a long quilting ruler that were included!
There was a well loved, well used cutting mat:
With somewhere to press the pieces of fabric!
I loved it and I appreciated the work that had gone in to it.  I couldn't and wouldn't let it go back in the cupboard with the rest of the jumble, I had to have it!!!  I looked at the price tag......£4, just £4 for this amazing, beautiful, homemade quilt station!

Paul, bless him, was happy to forfeit his cup of tea (which is an amazing thing for a tea addict like him to do!) and I took it home with me.

Every time I look at it I wonder who made it but, unfortunately, there are no names or markings on it :(  Even without the bits and pieces inside I would still have thought it was an incredible bargain and I'm so happy that it's mine.

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Jo xx


Sian said...

Jo it's just wonderful. I bet the original creator would be chuffed to bits to know that you loved it and now we get to appreciate it too

Lou said...

thats quite a find Jo...lucky you, poor Paul having to forgo his cuppa x