Monday 15 June 2015

Week Twenty Four

I had an amazing time this week, here are the highlights;

Monday night bingo with the girls:
We had another desk shuffle at work!
I spent an unsuccessful hour trying on outfits for a wedding :(
Before a friend saved my bacon and lent me this :)
I spent time with Hells Bells on her birthday :)
And watched Alice catching bubbles :)
I lost 2.5 lbs and enjoyed dirty pudding :)
On Friday I got up at 05:20, drove over 100 miles, and met up with the lovely Nancy and Jackie :)
So that we could go to the wedding of the year!
Where, not only were there two beautiful brides, there was an ice-cream van :)
A photo booth :)
And an amazing cake!
There was an amazing dance routine, great singers, good music, sweets, popcorn.....the list goes on.  It was a really long day, with another 100 miles drive at midnight, but I could do it over and over again :)

I was so tired on Saturday I could only manage to pop in to my crop for a quick cuppa before going home to chill out!
I worked hard yesterday getting the company car clean :)
And then relaxed with a beer :)
This week is going to be super busy because I'm out every night!

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Jackie xxx said...

What a great post and very busy week for you. Totally agree that I would do the wedding over again it was a fab day xx

Lou said...

i loved seeing the photos of you at Michelle's wedding. looks like you all had a fantastic day Jo x

Sian said...

What a gorgeous shape that dress is on you! It looks like a fantastically happy wedding to be part of. You'll be remembering that for a long time to come.