Monday 2 November 2015

Week Forty Four

Week forty four brought the sunshine with it, here are the highlights:

Me and Maddie made the most of the nice weather by walking in the park during our lunch breaks :)
The views were really lovely and it was hard to go back in to the office!
These 2 had lots of cuddles :)
I did my meal planning for the week:
Alfie got in to some strange positions, I guess he was comfy though!
Dirty pudding :)
Alfie :)
After doing all of my housework on Saturday I finally sat down and enjoyed this :)
We had some lovely sunsets:
Our big tradition is to watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween :)
Alfie got busted sleeping on my mood blanket and tried to hide himself!
November started with fog, it was quite eerie on my walk through the park!
After my walk I had a 'me' day and only did what I wanted to do :)
While outside the fog hung around and got heavier....
It was a nice, quiet week that helped me recharge my batteries.

Here's hoping the next week is a good one.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Oh, that photo of the autumn colours and the fog? SENSATIONAL!! Love Alfie pretending to hide! And I"m glad you enjoyed a bit of sunshine whilst it's around.....we had a HUGE storm last night....and the humidity is awful....but there y'go, opposite ends of the world:) I'm back on the 'challenge' wagon this month, so probably won't get to join Sian's Me on Mondays..... I will miss it!!!

Becky said...

Love the photo of Alfie trying to Hide! And the photo of you and Maddison in the sunshine is smashing.

Sandra said...

Recharging your battery is exactly what we all need to do, but more often we put it off. I'm glad you've had such a lovely week, spending time with those that are closest to you is the best feeling in the world xxx

Virginia said...

Oh that looks like a perfect weekend to me, enjoying some 'me' time - bliss!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Looks like a great week all round. That photo of the fog is so eerie. I've become quite the expert at driving in it this week!