Saturday 5 March 2016

February's Five Favourites

I had quite a few photos from February to choose from for my five favourites, here are the ones that made the cut:

Me and Maddie (she'll only moan if I don't include a photo of her!)
Alfie with his new baby :)
Alfie being cute :)
Alfie actually wanting his photo taken!
Alice showing off her treasure :)
I can't wait to get these photos scrapped.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

These are all soooo cute. 5 is pretty darn hard to cut down to, so good on you for managing it! That one of Alfie with his new 'baby'....oh JO! GORGEOUS:):)

Sandra said...

Loving all 5

Sian said...

Alice is so sweet. That photo will make a beautiful page! (Not that the others won't of course, but that's a favourite of mine of your favourites)

Becky said...

Lovely photos! Love the one of Alice! You were the opposite of me in February as I really didn't take many photos! Looking forward to seeing the pages you make.