Friday 4 March 2016

Five Favourites Finished!

I really enjoyed working on my layouts for my five favourite photos this month and for once I got them finished in plenty of time!  It's just a shame that illness means I'm only just blogging them :(

This layout has no journalling, I think the title tells the whole story :)
I love the spring colours in the photo and knew I had to use this lovely multi-coloured leaf pattern (yes I'm terrible a just cutting off the branding strips and not making a note of what the paper called!)
Every year I do a birthday selfie and scrap it, this time I didn't journal anything on it like goals for the next year. I think I'm getting a bit lazy with my journalling or maybe it's because I write so much in my Project Life albums.
The start of my couch to 5k journey....with journalling!  I've signed up for the Race For Life in June and although I've done it twice I've only ever walked it, this year I WILL run it!
My boy is always close by when there's food about and he is such a dribbler!
So another five layouts all ready for my album.  This takes my total number of layouts for my Lent challenge to 7 so only another 18 to go.....I'd better get my finger out!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

Gorgeous layouts and it's fab to see you starring in lots of them too, I think us scrappers can be guilty of often being the wrong side of the camera but with the introduction of forward facing cameras we can all join in!

Sian said...

I'm glad you were feeling up to blogging these..they make a fine collection. Hope you are feeling a lot better

Lizzy Hill said...

You've been sick? Oh NO! Hope you're feeling better now....your LOs are that they tell such a story of your life.....& I think yes! If you've PLed events, then LOs take on a slightly different reason to I 'get' that there's less journaling. The REALLY funny - ironic?? - thing to me is here I sits on the other side of the workd & go 'I have that paper! OOOOH! I just used that paper yesterday!!' SERIOUSLY!!! Either you & I have great taste or the scrap suppliers are doing a good job....or both, Giggles!!!

My Little World said...

Great layouts Jo, love all the layering in the bottoms two x

Sandra said...

These 5 are fabulous and I don't think all layouts need journaling, sometimes the picture or the title say it all