Monday 13 June 2016

Week Twenty Four

Week twenty four is over.  It's Sunday evening, I'm typing my Monday morning post and I am absolutely knackered!  Read on to find out why...

We managed to find the time at work for a quick selfie :)
Maddie wants a moustache!
I went to my first ever Zumba class and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!  Just look at that hot sweaty face :)
I drew my teams for the office sweepstakes :)
My mum had a couple of little wins at bingo :)
My friend Steph came down from Yorkshire and stayed with me on Thursday night.  We went to my Mum's for a quick visit but didn't leave until 10:30pm, then we sat up at mine talking until we went to bed at 1:30am and then carried on chatting in bed until 3:30am! It was hard getting up for work on Friday!
We still managed to fit in dirty pudding :)
Maddie was modelling her new top at work :)
I couldn't resist this M&S bargain, for a cup collector it's a perfect tin.  Sam said she would "take one for the team" and eat all of the biscuits in it!
Alfie enjoyed a roll about in the sunshine :)
Sarah's dog Bingo enjoyed a swim on our walk on Saturday morning :)
Me and Sarah started prepping for the street party that was happening the next day.
Sarah was in charge of the children's games so we made this for Pin the Crown on the Queen :)
She boiled some eggs and we sprayed them gold for the egg and spoon race :)
And we couldn't stop laughing as we pranced about wearing these :)
Sunday morning saw us on a very wet dog walk, everything was soaked when we got home!
But the sun came out in time for the street party :)
Where we had a selfie with the Queen :)
And were amazed by the, er, amazing cakes!
The children loved the games and the adults enjoyed eating, drinking and chatting!

So a week of late nights and early mornings for me, hopefully this week I'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Unknown said...

What a full week Jo! Loved all the preparations for your wonderful street party what a lovely way to celebrate the Queens birthday!

Michelle S said...

Brilliant! Can't blame Maddie for wanting a tache! They're ace!

Sandra said...

oh wow, the party looks amazing, and I love all the work that went into it. I'm also loving Sam's new top. You forgot that you also forgot to add into the whirlwind that was your week, you even managed to pop into the crop for a quick visit.

I think you need to rest this week xxx

Susanne said...

Fab week, that street party looks like fun.

Sian said...

You have so much going on! And then zumba, too..

This was fun to read, big time.

Lizzy Hill said...

That is a HUGE week! Loved the party - M's top is GORGEOUS & such fun having mates to stay!!!!