Thursday 23 June 2016

Week Twenty Five

This LATE blog post is brought to you courtesy of a cluster headache clashing with a pressure headache that lasted just over 2 days! At least it's gone now and I can share the highlights of week twenty five:

It's so hard to get a good picture of Alfie in the garden, he just won't stay still!
Me and Jo ditched the walking on Tuesday to go to Zumba instead, she loved it just as much as I do :)
And we moved our walk to Wednesday night :)
There was lots of family time this week after being out of the house most of the week before!
My weight loss is still going well and I'm still enjoying dirty pudding!  This one was amazing, shortbread, Belgian chocolate, raspberry jam and cream :)
I was very mean when my friend had to stay home alone :)
I enjoyed 20 minutes in the sunshine while the office car was being cleaned :)
We had a lot of rain, lucky I wore wellies for a walk in the park on Saturday!
Because there were puddles everywhere!
Bingo loved all of the water though :)
I had a lovely lunch out at Gorgeous Gerties and I managed to resist their delicious homemade cakes!
I decided it was time to buy some summer shoes, the way the weather is going I don't think I'll get much wear out of my flip flops!
The next day was totally different and it was lovely to be walking in the sunshine :)
I just love this photo, Sarah and her boy Bingo :)
Bingo lives opposite a tennis club so he's always sending presents home for Alfie :)
We ended the week enjoying a BBQ.
And before I knew it Monday arrived along with headaches!

I hope you're having a great week.

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

That was such a mean text lol lol

I hope you're feeling better xxxx

Helen RockabillyGirl Parkar said...

Hope you are feeling better, H x

Lizzy Hill said...

Damn headaches:( Hope they've cleared up for good by now....oh MY! That rain! Not much of a summer - but at least you've had some blue skies between the showers!!!! And your dirty pudding looks droolicious:):)

Sian said...

I've been hoping you were ok. Hope that's your headaches over for a while again now. It's so debilitating :(

alexa said...

Sorry to hear shout the headaches, and glad you had a good week. I love your black and white photo - perfect.

Susanne said...

Sorry you suffered with a collision of headaches - I'm sure that must be awful. Enjoyed the pics - but I'm feeling a little hungry now!!

msmith434343 said...

That's good that you are feeling better! Your dog is a cutie. That dessert looked delicious! Looks like a good week! Have a good day. Melissa