Saturday 2 July 2016

Week Twenty Six

Well this weeks blog post is very late for no other reason than I've just been so busy!  Here are the highlights for week twenty six:

Maddie loved being in the office, she just hid it well :)
I had a little run out to the airport to collect Sarah's daughter after her visit to Amsterdam:
I couldn't believe how many slugs were in the garden the other night, no wonder the hedgehogs love it here!
I went to a quiz night, we didn't win but we did have a lot of fun and raised money for the local hospice :)
This sign just made me laugh, we haven't had that many days here when it hasn't rained!
Maddie voted for the first time ever, she refused to let me take a photo of her in front of the Polling Station sign though :(
Dirty pudding was lovely :)
The votes were counted and I have to say I was a bit shocked when I woke up on Friday morning.
I started Saturday with a lovely walk in the park while the sun had actually bothered to put in an appearance!
I found some giant strawberries!
I had a very nice couple of wins at bingo :)
I did my Race for Life, I ran some and I walked some and I was very happy with my efforts :)
Me and my sister, Jemma, at the finish line :)
Maddie wanted to paint her nails but had a hard time choosing a colour!
And then I spent Sunday evening snuggled up with this boy, trying to hear the TV over his snoring!
Another lovely week and now week twenty seven is almost over too!  Where is the year going?!?!

I hope you've enjoyed your week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

It feels like most of the year has been washed away!

I love how you have cultivated the habit of having the camera ready at just the right moment, every day. I'm not very good at this!

Hope this week has some sun in it.

Lizzy Hill said...

The year is FLYING....sounds like a VERY Busy week! Good on you with the exercise still happening. And you can keep those slugs!!!

My not so simple life said...

I agree this year is just racing by! Looks like another fun week :)

Sandra said...

Well done on your race for life Jo xxx

Susanne said...

Yes, time is racing by, I always seem to be catching up with weekly posts long past the time they are posted. Yay on you and your sister completing the walk. And yay for the desserts you always seem to include too! I guess one balances out the other.