Wednesday 20 July 2016

Poppy Walk 2016

On Sunday me and Paul got up early and made our way to London for the 2016 London Poppy Appeal Walk.
We started off at the HAC.
Where we were given maps and quiz sheets!
And then we made our way round London looking for clues.
We saw a mixture of new...
And old!
We learned a lot about London.
And saw things we never knew where there.
I am intrigued by Jack the Ripper so it was nice to walk past this and have a little look inside :)
We found memorials that we never knew were there.
And of course we had time for a Starbucks in the middle of St Katherine Docks (which, obviously, I did know was there!)
We saw bridges...
And Towers :)
And Paul found his own personal walk :)
The Eye and Big Ben :)
This Thai restaurant on The Strand is the only building in London to survive the Great Fire!!!
And this pub, built in 1546, is down a tiny alleyway that would make you just walk past if you weren't looking for answers to a quiz :)
So 10k later we had done it! We arrived back at the HAC wishing there was more to explore and learn about.
The only downside was the finishing medal was made of chocolate and Sunday was super hot :(
Finally we headed back down The Tube after having a great day out and raising money for a good cause.
I can't recommend this walk highly enough, I've lived almost in London all my life and have done tour managing work around London yet there were still so many things I didn't know about.  Equally Paul, as a coach driver, has taken many groups to London but a lot of things were new to him too.

If you'd like to join the fun then look out for details of the London Poppy Walk 2017, I'll definitely be there!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

What an amazing experience. I didn't realise you had a little quiz and points of interest to find, what a great idea. I'm really in awe of you and Paul for doing this, well done xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Why thank you! I feel like I've just been on my own personal tour of London. We were standing outside that Thai restaurant, reading the blurb and waiting for a bus only a couple of month's ago!! Glad you had such a great day:):)

alexa said...

What a great and purposeful way to explore - and you have some great shots there. I like the one through the knotted metal rope!

Susanne said...

That looks like a nice little adventure - wish I could have been there too.

Sian said...

This is such a wonderful idea and you aren't the only one, now, you has learned quite a lot. I didn't know there was a Jack the Ripper museum. Your photos are very evocative: they really made me feel as if I were taking the tour too