Monday 11 July 2016

Week Twenty Eight

Another week has flown by, here are the highlights:

The weather was certainly a lot brighter :)
Just a normal day in the office...
Wearing an elephant outfit :)
I really enjoyed Zumba, I just wish they did the same class on another evening so I could do it twice a week!
I started to notice how all of my hard work has been paying off!
I treat myself to this and I've already picked a few things I want to make :)
Another normal day in the office with visitors bearing gifts!
After a full day at work I came home and cut the grass...
Before going on a 4 mile walk!
We had food taster at slimming, some really delicious things to try.
But not quite as good as dirty pudding!
We certainly got that Friday feeling :)
Alfie wanted a biscuit...and he got one :)
Saturday was a crop day where I managed a couple of layouts before Sandra stole my blending tool and took it home with her!
On Sunday I went for a lovely walk with Bingo.
Before having a cuddle with these two when I went to collect my stolen property :)
In the afternoon I read in the garden
Before I came inside when the sun hid behind the clouds and did some scrapping :)
In the evening I relaxed by watching Land Girls while the football was on in the background :)
This week is a short week for me at work and then a four day weekend, it's not all relaxing though because I'm taking part in the 10k Poppy Walk in London.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

I think I was framed! Any excuse not to do the 10 layouts you said you'd do when I sat down next to you lol xxx

Sian said...

Best of luck with the Poppy Walk. Seriously, I really do admire your stamina..I think your energy levels are amazing. I can't wait to see what you make from the sewing bee book

Lizzy Hill said...

What a fabulous body you're getting... you must be waaaay proud of your hard work! And good luck with the 10k walk. Sounds brill if the weather holds up..... AND love the elephant look at work - hope you have a fab 4 days off. Whoo hoooo!!!!

Susanne said...

Congrats on the weight loss - how you are managing that with the weekly desserts you picture for us, I am not sure, but it's fabulous.

My not so simple life said...

Well done you on the weight loss! Hope the walk went well :)