Wednesday 3 August 2016

Week Thirty One

Week thirty one was very active!  Here are the highlights:

I decided to start swimming again, I haven't been in a pool for over a year but managed 41 lengths in about 20 minutes so I was happy with that :)
Zumba was cancelled due to the hall having a new floor so the whole group went for a lovely walk :)
I saw this cheeky little minx who wouldn't smile for the camera but enjoyed pulling funny faces :)
I went for a lovely, long walk with my friend Jo :)
And then contemplated how the grass really did need cutting!
I woke up early so put the extra time to good use on my little trampoline :)
I only lost half a pound at slimming but I did get my shiny 4 stone sticker :)
Which made dirty pudding taste even nicer!
Lovely Sandra stopped by the office with this gorgeous treat :)
I found a few minutes while dinner was cooking to get my stepper out :)
I decided that enough was enough and the grass had to be cut!
I had a lovely evening at bingo with the girls, no winnings though :(
On Sunday I was in the garden early enjoying a a Christmas mug :)
Then I headed out for a little trip...
To support everyone taking part in the Ride 100 event.
The rest of the day was spent with my friend Sarah who's just come back from a lovely holiday and who I missed very much!

Week thirty two has started off very busy and I can't wait for the weekend!

Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

You manage to fit so much into a week. How do you do it? I'm in awe at how you just have such get up and go ... what's your secret? xx

Helen RockabillyGirl Parkar said...

Busy lady! Half a pound is half a pound and it's down not up so well done you!! Helen x

Anonymous said...

I feel exhausted just reading what you do in a week! Fabulous to have lost 4 stone.

Sian said...

Every time I stop by I'm encouraged to take a few extra steps. Seriously, you are an inspiration

Lizzy Hill said...

I agree! You've been stepp Ng it out this week! 4 stone! That's waaay impressive:) and she ALMOST smiled whilst making silly faces there!!!!!! Glad the weather has picked up enough to cut the grass, LOL.... But the Xmas mug..... Aargh!!!