Monday 15 August 2016

Week Thirty Three

Well week thirty three is over and we are racing towards Christmas!!! Woohoo :) Here are the highlights:

I completed just over a mile at swimming and managed to get a waterlogged ear!
I'm so lucky that my boss said I could watch the Olympics at work :)
I had a great Zumba session, the hall has been unavailable for the last 2 weeks and, even though the group have been walking instead,  I've really missed it.
After Zumba me and my girl went to see the new Star Trek film, it was brilliant!
We found another great outdoor gym on our 4 mile walk, I'll definitely be going back to this one!
Alfie spent a lot of time just sitting and watching me :)
I face timed my brother Jamie who lives in Thailand.
I saw my nutty nephew George :)
I lost half a pound and enjoyed dirty pudding.  I was also very proud to be nominated for the Woman of the Year Competition and so pleased for my friend Sue who won :)
On Saturday I was up so early I had time to do all of my housework, including washing the bedding and clearing the ironing pile, before going out for a 2 and a half mile walk at 9:30!
After walking and shopping I cut the grass, cooked dinner and had a night out with the girls :)
After a Sunday morning walk me and Sarah tried to sort our bikes ready to get some training in :)
I spent some time in the afternoon meal prepping for the week.
Before sitting down and having a little treat :)
Another great week and I'm really looking forward to the week ahead.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Does Alfie really sit like that? Sooo funny! Looks human. Oh! If he's like our Wally, he actually thinks he is!!!! You've had a busy and really great week by the looks of it! Good on you getting up and adam on the weekend like that. SERIOUSLY impressed here in Aussie!!!! Oh! And congrats on your mate winning that title. AWESOME that you also had a shot at it!!!

Sian said...

Hope the week has been treating you well! I always feel energised after a visit here..maybe I'll start that holiday ironing tonight? Many congrats on being up for that award. You deserve it.

Sandra said...

How many weeks have I missed!!!! I tell you what, you should look back through your blog. You'll be amazed at how your face has been changing xxx