Monday 19 September 2016

Week Thirty Eight

Week thirty eight was another good one, here are the highlights:

Monday was the 7th anniversary of Alfie's gotcha day.  We always tell him it's his birthday so of course we had to get him a present, which he loved :)
I had a lovely swim after work, I did 55 lengths in a much shorter time than a few weeks ago so I was pleased with that :)
Alfie had birthday cake :)
I had a really great time at Zumba and when I got home I used Maddie's pale face to show how red mine was!
After work on Wednesday I managed to get the grass cut before going for a 6 mile walk :)
I was happy to lose 1.5lbs this week but disappointed to be just shy of losing 5 stone in total :(
I really enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I was shocked when I logged on to Instagram to see that Becky Higgins had shared one of my photos and put this comment:
It was raining for most of Friday but I didn't let that stop my having a walk in the park!
Friday evening was sunny and dry for my road trip :)
I went to see this pretty girl :)
On Saturday we were up and early to go swimming, a great start to the day!
I made toffee and chocolate mousse from scratch for the first time ever using a Slimming World recipe:
And they tasted great :)
On Sunday we had blue skies again so had a lovely walk along the beach :)
And ladies, if you're struggling for possible gifts for him then look at what I found in a barbers in Bournemouth :)
I've got lots of lovely things planned for this week, I just hope I can fit everything in!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Oh, JO! What a fabulous week. Shame about the 5 stone barrier....I'm sure you'll shoot through it this coming week! Good on Alfie having his 'birthday'.....good on you with the swimming and most of all for the shout out from Bec Higgins. Now THAT is THRILLING, right there!!! Oh! And your choc mousse looks totally delish!!! And, I have to tell you, your face is looking really slim!!! Just thought you'd like to hear that;)!!!!!

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! You ARE an inspiration! I had to look up how much weight a "stone" is! You'll need to do an entire post on your journey--what worked, what didn't, how long it's taken, tips and tricks, and your favorite treats to get your through. I'm not the only one who would love that! Congrats on the shout out from BH!

Sian said...

You'll get there for sure and very soon too! Every time I read about your exercise I resolve to add more steps into my day. You are always inspiring.

Sandra said...

I honestly think your group should put you forward for an article in the slimming world magazine .... you're the most inspirational woman I know xxx