Monday 26 September 2016

Week Thirty Nine

Week thirty nine was another lovely one, here are the highlights:

On Monday I had a cluster headache all day but I wasn't going to let that stop me going swimming!  After 55 lengths my headache was gone so I'll definitely be doing that the next time I get one.
Somebody, Maddie, raided the Ginger Nuts at work!
I had a brilliant time at Zumba :)
I got one of the new five pound notes :)
We went to a quiz night, we came second from the bottom!
But we cleared the table with the raffle prizes :)
I only lost half a pound this week but it was enough to get me this shiny sticker :)
And I really did enjoy dirty pudding :)
This was my Friday and ready for the weekend face :)
On Friday night I was babysitting for 3 of my nephews and my niece.  I arrived with Halloween masks to colour in, pens to colour with....
DVDs, popcorn to have while watching DVDs and hot chocolate to have before bed.
All of the kids were good as gold, there were no rows, no bickering and no fighting! They went to bed when they were told and made me feel like a champion babysitter :)
Saturday was a day for walking and shopping, it was time to get some smaller clothes!
And then I went to bingo in the evening where I was the only one not to have a win :(
On Sunday I went on a bit of a hike with Sarah and Bingo, her dog, and I absolutely loved it.
The views were amazing and the weather was great.
And then I had a lovely afternoon scrapping :)
Alfie really enjoyed watching the sheepdog trials on Countryfile, it must be the collie in him :)
Now it's another week, a week where we're doing something very exciting!

Enjoy the next seven days and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

The getting in the swimming pool with a headache thing just blows me away. I know I've said this before..but you really do continue to inspire me with your exercise regime

Hope you have a great week.

Sandra said...

Now that's the downside for you, I know, as you hate clothes shopping.

Well done on getting the stone award xxx

Sandra said...

I forgot to add.... I still haven't seen a new £5 note yet

Lizzy Hill said...

What a busy but good week! Getting rid of your bad head with swimming - now THAT'S and interesting cure. Glad it worked! YAY to good weather, scrapping and most of all Alfie watching the sheep dog trials!!! LOVE that photo :):)