Monday 10 October 2016

Week Forty One

Week forty one was a good one, here are the highlights:

The weather has been amazing so it's been lovely walking round the park in my lunch break :)
I did a 51 length swim after work and came out just as the sun had almost disappeared.
I saw this little pickle before work :)
My sister Jess went to get pic 'n' mix for the office and as she came back in the door I just knew she'd got me my favourite! She didn't want me to be left out but she didn't want to spoil my diet so she got me one piece of fudge and not only did I savour it I really appreciated what she'd done :)
I had a really great but hard session of Zumba :)
I managed to sneak in the last cut of grass for the year :)
While this cutie played with his ball :)
And then I went for a 4 mile walk!
I had a large delivery of wool, I still haven't had time to open the box yet!
Another weight loss, another step closer to my target :)
Dirty pudding was lush :)
I got in to work really early on Friday so had a little treat :)
Then I joined the gym, due to a computer problem their end it actually took me 9 hours to join!
Saturday was crop day where I managed to get 2 layouts done :)
Then I went to bingo with the girls, no winnings though :(
On Sunday I was up bright and early and on a train with Sarah for the Diabetes UK London Bridge Walk.
The Chelsea mascot saw us off on our epic journey :)
After 9 and a half miles and 12 bridges here I am just about to cross the final bridge!
To collect my medal :)
Maddie modelled the hat I was given :)
And then I had a very long soak in a lovely bubble bath :)
Before snuggling on the sofa with this nutty boy!
And finally getting the foundation row on my ripple blanket right!
This week has already had a great start because I've had the day off work!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

Man, that dirty pudding is RIGHT up my creek. YUM! And sooo nice of your sis to spoil-not-spoil-you with that fudge....your face is changing shape! It's looking as trim taut and terrific as your body!! Well done you....just wondering how close you are to your 'goal'. I'm reckoning it can't be too far away! Good on you getting the grass cut one last time! As you go into autumn, we're gearing up to the warmer weather. Weird, huh??!!!!!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Well, you know I always like to see dirty pudding and I love a good meringue.

Barbara Eads said...

All of your hard work---swimming, running and work out classes AND watching your food is really paying off. Your face has really slimmed down. You make it seem so effortless---yet I know how hard it is. Congrats on a great week! You earned the dirty pudding.

Sian said...

Hurray for medal winners! You look so tanned and healthy and lovely in these pictures.

Pic n mix fudge? I'm a nibbler. I always like to eat the fudge one in little bites like that :)

I'm looking forward to seeing how the blanket comes along. I'm thinking of doing the Attic24 Cosy one to go in TNSSO's room in her new house.

alexa said...

Well done you on so many achievements this week! Your energy and commitment is very inspiring. Hoping this week has been a good one too.

Sandra said...

Way to go ... a winner all the way, Jo.

Well done to just have a small bit of fudge. I bought some from Thorntons the other day for Simons mum and a packet may have been bought for me lol