Tuesday 18 October 2016

Week Forty Two

Week forty two got off to a great start, here are the highlights:

After my epic walk on Sunday I had Monday off work and enjoyed a Harvester breakfast (yes I did count the SYNs)
After breakfast I had a lovely 60 length swim :)
In the evening I went to bingo and had a little win :)
Tuesday was gym induction day and it wasn't until we'd got changed that me and my sister Jemma realised we'd both picked the same top to wear :)
In the evening I had a great time at Zumba :)
I wore my new dress to work and really matched the colours of the seasons :)
I had a great 3 miles walk on Wednesday evening, I do worry about bumping in to clowns on my route though!
Thursday was our Christmas party at Slimming World :)
And I was so pleased to lose 2lbs but so disappointed that I missed out on getting my 5 and a half stone award by HALF A POUND!
I saw this little pickle and she showed me the instrument she made at school :)
I really enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I went down to Paul's for the weekend:
And the weather was amazing! I couldn't believe it was the middle of October and I was still walking about in a t shirt!
I started a new crochet project that I absolutely love :)
And before I knew it I was back home with my girl....
And of course my lovely boy :)
This week didn't get off to a great start because I had a cluster headache :( That means the week can only get better.....hopefully!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week
Jo xx


Sian said...

Your crochet looks absolutely beautiful. As does your dress. And those antlers are pretty cute too.

Lizzy Hill said...

BOOOO to the cluster headache...last time you went swimming, didn't you? Must've been a rotten one this time...LOVE your crochet! Looks very pretty. GOOD on you, doing all that exercise & I'm so glad the weather is holding out for a temperate Autumn.... your face is looking sooo slim! Go you:) Hope the week improved....mine's been great. I have started to walk again. You've got me motivated! Just the dog walking, but even so, at least I'm moving;)!!!

Sandra said...

Your crochet is amazing Jo. I remember you learning too, that's why I have hope for me lol xxx