Monday 7 November 2016

Week Forty Five

Week forty five was a great one, here are the highlights:

Walking in the park on my lunch break has been a real blast of colour!
I carved my first ever pumpkin!
We stuck with tradition and watched Hocus Pocus on Halloween :)
The weather has been cold enough for me to wear my lovely new coat :)
Zumba was a blast :)
I restarted my couch to 5K program and followed it up with a 4 mile walk :)
I woke up very early and decided to do another Couch to 5K run!
I spent a lot of time with my girl :)
I lost another 2lb and was my group's Miss Slinky :)
And I definitely enjoyed dirty pudding :)
I went out looking for a dress for my Christmas party and tried this one on, it's 6 sizes smaller than the clothes I was wearing when I first joined Slimming World!
I bought a new hat which I absolutely love :)
I spent time with my friends Clare and Allison. 
We haven't all been together for almost a year and really enjoyed catching up while stuffing our faces with Chinese :)
And a selection of desserts!
Another tradition is to watch V for Vendetta on bonfire night :)
I got in another early morning Couch to 5K run!
The weather was cold enough for my hat and bright enough for my sunglasses :)
I enjoyed my first (of many) Eggnog Latte with Christmas Blend :)
And then I packed!
I packed for a scrapbooking retreat that I'm going on this weekend, 3 nights in a hotel with lots of my scrapping buddies, I can't wait :)

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sian said...

That dress looks absolutely beautiful, Miss Slinky!

Sandra said...

I'm shattered just reading all what you fit into a week. I'm so so proud of you, Miss Slinky xxx

Lizzy Hill said...

Oh my GOSH! I hope you've had a BALL at your scrapping retreat. That sounds totally, totally fabulous. Hope you got lots of pages scrapped as well! I'm like Sandra - tired just reading all your activities.....that dress you tried on is gorgeous, btw!!! And I WANT YOUR's totally gorg!!