Thursday 3 November 2016

Week Forty Four

Time is racing along and I've only just got round to sharing what I got up to in week forty four!

It is so lovely walking in the park at the moment, the colours are amazing!
I managed another decent swim, I always feel fantastic afterwards :)
I really am becoming addicted to exercise, I love my weekly Zumba :)
Poor Alfie hurt his head, he probably did it charging in to a bush at full pelt!
Wednesday night was quiz night, it was a music quiz and so much fun.  We came 4th and won a few raffle prizes too :)
These two kicked me out of bed!
I wore a very fetching hat at Slimming World :)
Another loss, I'm so pleased with how well I'm doing :)
Maddie enjoyed her dirty pudding :)
Although she subscribes to Empire magazine the subscription doesn't include special editions.  This was a very special edition cover with a video on it, there were only 5000 copies made and they were only sold in Sainsburys!  After a bit of Beverly Goldberg action, I got one :)
On Friday I went to my lovely friend Lorraine's leaving party.  I worked with Lorraine over 6 years ago and I was honoured to be invited.  It was great to meet up with so many other old work colleagues and friends:)
I had a lovely weekend down with Paul :)
Where the weather was really warm again!
But the evenings were a bit chilly so I had an Irish coffee to warm me up :)
And then I was back home with my cheeky boy!
I hope your week is going well, mine has been a blast so far!

Thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Lizzy Hill said...

What another fabulous week you've had...except for poor Alfie! Love how you're really enjoying your exercise & well done with more weight loss. Go you! Feeling well jell re: those fabulous Autumnal colours. Something we simply don't have here!!!

Sandra said...

Oh my poor boy! Is it all healed now.

Now that Irish coffe sure looks good