Tuesday 25 April 2017

Week Sixteen And I Got A Bit Crafty!

Week sixteen was a good one, what week that starts with a Bank Holiday Monday isn't?? Here are the highlights:

It's taken a while but I finally got my first new pound coin!
I came home from Paul's and had cuddles with my boy :)
Zumba was great as usual :)
I had the day off on Thursday and got up early to do my shopping, halfway through the store was evacuated when the fire alarm went off :(
I'd had the day off to go to the Hobbycraft and Stitch Show with Sandra :)
We saw a blast from the past!
My niece had told me she wanted a James Dean poster for her birthday, which was the following day, so I found this for her.  She'll have to put some effort in before she can put it on the wall :)
I lost 2 and a half pounds and was over the moon to get this award!
It made dirty pudding taste amazing :)
I went to see my niece Elsie on her birthday, she loved the James Dean cross stitch kit :)
Then I met up with some old work colleagues for a glass of bubbly :)
Now that I'm a lot smaller I really want to make some of my own clothes so I went fabric shopping, the pirate fabric is for Maddie :)
I may have picked up a new hobby at the craft show, block printing, so I had a little practise :)
And then went for a game of bingo, no luck unfortunately :(
In the evening I decided it was time to get out my very neglected hexis :)
I was up and out early on Sunday morning doing a 4 mile walk!
And then spent the rest of the day being crafty :)
I had a great start to this week when I was told my lump is most probably a cyst, I'll find out for sure next Tuesday.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Becky said...

Wow! A busy week. Love the block printing you've done. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news on Tuesday x

Virginia said...

fingers and toes crossed it is a cyst - wow 8 stone - well done you - loving your weekly updates! Do you hand stitch the hexagons? Is the block printing hard work!

I hope you have a brilliant week


Sandra said...

I had such a lovely day out with you, I want to do it all over again lol.

You can't know how relieved I am about the news it's a cyst. I don't need confirmation as I've decided that's all it is, so there xxx

Alison said...

The block printing looks great and everything crossed for a cyst!! Xx

Sian said...

Keeping everything crossed for you!

I'm more than a little envious of the two of you on your day out to the show. I'm sure it was good fun.

I still haven't got a new pound coin!