Friday 23 June 2017

Week Twenty Four Had A Sad Start

Week twenty four was another quick one, here are the highlights:

On Monday I left home at 03:15 and made my way to Yorkshire to say a final farewell to my beautiful friend Stephanie.  I spent half an hour sitting with her before the funeral telling her all the things I was going to miss about her :(

The service was sad, happy, pink and at times funny.  I cried until I laughed and then laughed until I cried.  My sister Jess met me there and all the way home we kept saying that we couldn't believe she was gone.
Tuesday was Zumba day and I had a great workout :)
On Wednesday I cut the grass :)
On Thursday I didn't lose any weight (didn't put any on either) but I did win the raffle :)
And of course I enjoyed dirty pudding!
Maddie was delighted when Friday came :)
On Saturday I went walking with Bingo and Sarah :)
And managed to get some scrapping done :)
Under the watchful eye of Alfie :)
I had a cheeky ice cream sundae at bingo :)
Followed by a little win :)
I had a nice long walk on Sunday :)
Followed by a nice long swim :)
And then chilled in the garden...
With my best boy :)
I hope you're having a great week and thanks for dropping by
Jo xx


Virginia said...

Looks like a good week overall, I'm sorry about your recent loss - funerals are always incredibly difficult.


Sandra said...

I'm so so sorry about the loss of your friend. Must be heartbreaking to go to the funeral of someone so young

Becky said...

You can tell by your eyes in that first photo how sad your loss has made you. Glad that the rest of the week went well for you. Love the photo of you on the grass :) xx

Alison said...

Such a sad start to your week.....losing someone you have known and loved for a long time isn't easy xx