Monday 3 July 2017

Week Twenty Six Had A Very Posh Treat

Week twenty six is over, we're halfway through the year!  Here are the highlights:

I had a really great swim after work on Monday :)
And a great workout at Zumba on Tuesday :)
We had a burst water main in Epsom, it took them nearly 4 hours to turn the water off!
We celebrated that Thursday was actually our Friday and looked forward to a long weekend :)
I had a small gain of half a pound this week but still enjoyed dirty pudding :)
Maddie turned 23 on Friday and we had a fantastic day out, so fantastic that it deserves its very own blog post later in the week!
On Saturday I woke up and Alfie was so ill, he kept being sick, his back legs had gone and I thought his time was up :( Four hours later he was almost back to his normal self and I was so relieved.  He posed for this photo so that his Aunty Sandra could see he was feeling much better :)
I had not one but two little wins at bingo :)
I was up and out early on Sunday enjoying the sunshine :)
Me and Sarah went to a Golden Days Festival where there were lots of stalls and dog shows:
An amazing group of singers and dancers:
Classic cars:
And bikes:
And just look at this amazing Dennis the Menace Chopper!
Afterwards we went to a coffee shop for a cool drink.  Now me and Sarah have been friends for over FOUR DECADES and this is the FIRST TIME we have ever gone to a coffee shop together!
After that little treat I went for a great swim :)
And then relaxed in the garden with my book and my boy :)
I hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Jo xx


Sandra said...

His Aunty Sandra was so so worried about him. Big kisses darling boy xxx

Becky said...

Glad that he was ok so quickly! So worrying when they are ill like that.